How Do You Use A Victorio Apple Peeler?

What to do with pears after picking?

8 Easy Ways to Use Your Pear HarvestCanned Pears.

Canning is certainly one of the most obvious and time-honored ways of preserving pears, although it is time-consuming.

Pear Juice.

You enjoy apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice—why not squeeze up a glass of pear juice.

Frozen Pears.

Pear Pie.

Pear Butter.

Pickled Pears.

Refrigerate Pears.

Pear Salads..

Will an apple peeler work on pears?

A good apple peeler not only removes the skin but also may be able to core and slice the fruit as well. Some models can also process other fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, cucumbers, and pears. When shopping for an apple peeler, you’ll come across both manual and automatic models.

How does peel away apple peeler work?

This tool peels, cores and slices all in one easy operation. You can use it to peel apples, pears, potatoes and more. The coring/slicing blade can be removed, allowing you to just peel for potatoes or if you do not want your fruit sliced. Quality cast iron construction with stainless steel blades for years of use.

What is the best apple peeler corer?

Top 10 Best Apple Peelers To Buy In 2020 Reviews Oxo Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler. Kitchen Basics® Professional Grade Heavy Duty Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer. Cucina Pro Apple Peeler And Corer. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler. Oxo Good Grips Swivel Peeler. Vremi Apple Peeler Corer Slicer Machine With Vacuum Suction Base.More items…

What is the fastest way to peel an apple?

Using a vegetable peeler is the easiest and most efficient way to quickly get rid of the skin, but a paring knife can also do the trick. Using a Y-shaped peeler, start by peeling off the top and bottom of your apple.

What is the best way to peel an apple?

How To Peel and Core an AppleStep 1: Peel the apple. Using a vegetable peeler, preferably one with a swivel blade, and starting at the stem end, remove the peel from the apple flesh in a circular motion.Step 2: Cut the apple into quarters. … Step 3: Cut out the core. … Step 4: Use it in your favorite recipe.

How do you use a Johnny apple peeler?

The Johnny Apple Peeler combines three steps into one. Place an apple on the fork, turn the handle and let the Johnny Apple Peeler do the work for you. The stainless steel blades will peel, slice and core the apple as the handle turns. The result is even, 1/4″ slices that are ready to eat, dehydrate or use in a recipe.

Can you peel an apple with a potato peeler?

Peel an apple in seconds with a power drill and potato peeler. Get a power drill, a thoroughly cleaned flat drill bit, and a potato peeler. Skewer the apple with the drill bit and then turn the drill on.

How do you peel apples without a peeler?

Use a knife To core, cut your apple in half horizontally, then use a rounded-edge knife, like a butter knife, to cut around the core and pop it out of your apple half. You can also cut around the apple by resting it on your cutting board stem side up.