Question: What Is Going On With Symantec?

What’s happening with Symantec?

Symantec completed the sale of its enterprise-security software business to Broadcom for $10.7 billion on Monday.

The deal allows Broadcom to keep the Symantec name, so—voilà.

—the former Symantec is now NortonLifeLock, which provides cybersecurity services to consumers and small businesses..

Is Symantec going out of business?

Error! Symantec, one of the biggest names in cybersecurity, has sold off the company’s name and enterprise business to Broadcom for $10.7 billion.

Is Symantec now Broadcom?

Symantec is now NortonLifeLock as Broadcom closes purchase of its enterprise business. Symantec Corp. is no longer Symantec, as the company changed its name following the completion today of Broadcom Inc.’s acquisition of its enterprise security business announced in August.

Who owns Symantec now?

BroadcomBroadcom is buying Symantec’s enterprise security business for $10.7 billion, the companies announced Thursday. The deal effectively splits Symantec in two, with Broadcom taking ownership of its entire enterprise security portfolio and the Symantec brand name.

Does Broadcom own LifeLock?

In 2017, LifeLock was acquired by computer security company Symantec. In November 2019, after selling its enterprise division to Broadcom, the company was renamed Norton LifeLock; the same year, the company also began to offer versions of its Norton 360 subscription service with LifeLock included.

Is Symantec being acquired?

It was later restructured and on November 4, 2019, Symantec’s enterprise security business was acquired by Broadcom, while its consumer business remained a public company called NortonLifeLock. [21] This spells the end of Symantec as a security behemoth.

Did Broadcom buy Qualcomm?

(Reuters) – Broadcom Ltd made a $121 billion “best and final offer” on Monday to acquire Qualcomm Inc, ratcheting up pressure on its U.S. semiconductor peer to engage in talks on what would be the biggest ever technology acquisition.

Why did Broadcom buy Symantec?

With CA’s identity and access management and Symantec’s cybersecurity portfolio, Broadcom is… … More importantly, this transaction could also provide the opportunity for Broadcom to achieve a financial objective of double-digit cash-on-cash returns on its investment.

Is Symantec owned by Chinese?

Huawei originally owned 51% of the company, while Symantec owned 49%. Huawei is a Chinese-based company, while Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) is a US-based corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California….Huawei Symantec.To build a harmonious information worldNative name华为赛门铁克科技有限公司OwnersHuawei (51%) Symantec (49%)7 more rows

Is Symantec owned by Norton?

Norton, formerly known as Norton by Symantec, is a division of NortonLifeLock, and is based out of Mountain View, California. Since being acquired by the Symantec Corporation in 1990, Norton offered a variety of products and services related to digital security.

Is Symantec a Antivirus?

Symantec Endpoint Protection, developed by Broadcom Inc., is a security software suite that consists of anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features for server and desktop computers. It has the largest market-share of any product for endpoint security.