Question: What Is Superior To The Knee?

Is the heart superior to the liver?

At its most superior point, the liver lies behind the fifth rib in the right mammary line.

The liver’s left edge terminates just below the apex of the heart, approximately 8 cm to the left of the median line..

What is superior and inferior?

Directional Terms Superior or cranial – toward the head end of the body; upper (example, the hand is part of the superior extremity). Inferior or caudal – away from the head; lower (example, the foot is part of the inferior extremity).

Why is the knee proximal to the ankle?

Proximal means nearer to the point at which the structure originates or attaches, while distal means further from those points. The knee is proximal to the ankle because it is closer to the point at which the leg attaches to the trunk of the body.

Is the knee distal to the thigh?

Distal means farther from the origin of a body part or the point of attachment of a limb to the body trunk. In this case, because the thigh is closer to the body trunk than the knee, the knee is distal (not proximal) to the thigh.

What does it mean when the back of your leg hurts behind the knee?

Two common conditions that cause pain behind the knee are: a popliteal cyst, also called Baker’s cyst. posterior cruciate ligament injury.

What is below the knee called?

The leg from the knee to the ankle is called the crus or cnemis /ˈniːmɪs/. The calf is the back portion, and the tibia or shinbone together with the smaller fibula make up the front of the lower leg.

What does superior to mean?

If one thing or person is superior to another, the first is better than the second. We have a relationship infinitely superior to those of many of our friends. Synonyms: better, higher, greater, grander More Synonyms of superior. superiority uncountable noun.

Is the knee superior to the ankle?

The elbow is proximal to the wrist. Distal: Farther from the point of attachment. The ankle is distal to the knee.

What is closer to the top of the limb?

Proximal. Closer to the top of the limb. Distal. Closer toward the bottom or end of a limb.

Are toes distal to the knee?

So a finger is distal to the wrist, which is distal to the elbow, which is distal to the shoulder. Or, similarly, the femur is proximal to the knee, which is proximal to the ankle, which is proximal to the toes.

What is the body part behind the knee called?

The popliteal fossa (sometimes referred to as the hough, or kneepit in analogy to the armpit) is a shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint. The bones of the popliteal fossa are the femur and the tibia.

Which is most inferiorly located?

For example, in the anatomical position, the most superior part of the human body is the head and the most inferior is the feet.