Question: What’S Another Word For Inclined?

What does it mean to lean into something?

To embrace; to experience fully or respond to wholeheartedly.

To take on or embrace something difficult or unpleasant, usually through determination or perseverance; to find a way to benefit from, or alleviate the harm of, risk, uncertainty and difficult situations..

What does it mean to have a lean body?

Unlike lean muscle, Lean Body Mass correctly uses the word “lean” as it describes the entire weight of your body minus fat. This is why it is also known as “Fat-Free Mass.” Because your Lean Body Mass comprises so many parts, any change in the weight of these areas can be recorded as changes in LBM.

What are the 3 types of inclined planes?

Examples of Inclined Planes:Wheelchair ramps. A wheelchair ramp has become a necessary inclined plane in all of society. … Slides. A slide is another example of an inclined plane. … Stairs. Stairs are inclined planes. … Waterslides.

What’s the opposite of declined?

Antonyms: improvement, melioration. Synonyms: wane, reject, refuse, exasperate, pass up, turn down, aggravate, slump, worsen, go down, correct, exacerbate. refuse, reject, pass up, turn down, decline(verb)

Is an incline up or down?

Something that slopes — that is, something that deviates from the straight horizontal or vertical — can be called an incline. If you like to walk up and down hills, you enjoy walking on inclines.

What does inclined mean?

1 : having inclination, disposition, or tendency. 2a : having a leaning or slope. b : making an angle with a line or plane.

Is incline the opposite of decline?

The verb decline means refuse to accept, but the noun decline means a downward slope (the opposite of an incline), or a decrease in quality. At the gym, the treadmill has an incline button to control how steep your climb is. Sadly, there’s no button for decline, which would be much easier.

What does it mean to lean someone?

or lean upon. phrasal verb. If you lean on someone or lean upon them, you depend on them for support and encouragement. She leaned on him to help her to solve her problems.

What is an inclined plane definition?

Inclined plane, simple machine consisting of a sloping surface, used for raising heavy bodies. The force required to move an object up the incline is less than the weight being raised, discounting friction.

What is meant by Wedge?

1 : a piece of a substance (such as wood or iron) that tapers to a thin edge and is used for splitting wood and rocks, raising heavy bodies, or for tightening by being driven into something. 2a : something (such as a policy) causing a breach or separation. b : something used to initiate an action or development.

What is the synonym of incline?

noun. 1’a steep incline’ SYNONYMS. slope, gradient, pitch, ramp, bank, ascent, rise, acclivity, upslope, dip, descent, declivity, downslope.

What is another word for slant?

SYNONYMS FOR slant 1 lean, incline. 6 incline, inclination, pitch, obliquity, obliqueness.

What does sexually inclined mean?

n. The direction of a person’s sexual interest, as towards people of the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes.

How do you use inclined?

He inclined towards the speaker to hear more clearly.She was inclined to trust him.Nobody felt inclined to argue with Smith.I only write when I feel inclined to.The accident inclined him to reconsider his career. … He inclined forward so as to hear more clearly.He writes only when he feels inclined to.More items…•

What does I am inclined to agree mean?

​ inclined to agree, believe, think, etc. used when you are expressing an opinion but do not want to express it very strongly. I’m inclined to agree with you.

What does not inclined mean?

Inclined means that you’re likely to do something, you’re leaning toward doing it, or you do it habitually. If you’re inclined to eat too much at Thanksgiving, you’re not alone.

What is another word for an inclined plane?

What is another word for inclined plane?rampgradeslopegradientinclinerisebankangletiltacclivity35 more rows

What is the synonyms of lean?

Some common synonyms of lean are gaunt, lanky, lank, rawboned, scrawny, skinny, and spare. While all these words mean “thin because of an absence of excess flesh,” lean stresses lack of fat and of curving contours.