Question: Which Is Better Stilt Parking Vs Basement Parking?

What is stilt in construction?

Stilts are poles, posts or pillars used to allow a structure or building to stand at a distance above the ground.

In flood plains, and on beaches or unstable ground, buildings are often constructed on stilts to protect them from damage by water, waves or shifting soil or sand..

What is meant by stilt parking?

To begin with, Stilt parking is the parking space partially covered on the ground floor of an apartment building. In cities where the ample parking space is not available, Stilt parking is the only option to accommodate all the vehicle parking.

Can builder allot parking space?

Way back, on 31st August 2010, the Supreme Court of India ruled that a builder/ developer/ promoter (of flats/ group housing) cannot sell open or stilt parking area (meaning uncovered or covered parking space) once the owners’ society is formed, as the said space becomes a part of “common areas and facilities” of the …

What is stilt level?

Stilt floor is basically the lowermost floor of a structure which is constructed above ground level. The height of the stilt floor shouldn’t be more than 2.5m. This kind of floors adopted in the parking of Shopping malls & Theaters.

Can open parking be sold?

No. The car parking is a part of the society’s common area which cannot be sold. … In 2010, the Supreme Court had held that developers had no right to sell parking to apartment-owners, including stilt parking or garages.

What is a parking podium?

Podium Parking means on-grade parking that is sheltered under a building that is elevated on piers.

Can builder sell flat without parking?

India’s Supreme Court ruled yesterday that developers cannot sell parking spaces as independent real-estate units. The court ruled that parking areas are ‘common areas and facilities’. This upholds an earlier Bombay High Court ruling.

What covered parking means?

Covered parking is a parking lot arrangement where a carport or other cover is added over the parking spots so as to shield the parked cars from rain and sun and precipitation and hail.

How do I choose a parking space?

As a novice driver, your top priority should be choosing a spacious parking spot away from hazards and obstructions. As you get accustomed to the size of your vehicle and the way it handles, you can start choosing parking spaces with a little more attention to the convenience of the location.

Can stilt parking be sold?

The Supreme Court has ruled that stilt parking spaces cannot be sold by developers.

What are the 3 types of parking?

There are different types of parking. The most common types of parking are angle parking, perpendicular parking and parallel parking.

What are the four types of parking?

There are four main types of parking; perpendicular, angled echelon parking, parallel and double parking.