Quick Answer: What Happens If You Suddenly Stop Taking Keppra?

What are the side effects of stopping Keppra?

Withdrawal of Keppra may cause an increase in seizure frequency.

Keppra should be tapered off slowly on discontinuation..

How long does Keppra withdrawal last?

It can take about 44 hours for Keppra to be out of ones system. The elimination half-life of a medication is the time it takes for blood levels of the medication to be reduced by half. It takes approximately 5.5 x elimination half-life for a medicine to be out of your system.

What happens if you stop taking seizure medication?

Stopping seizure medication without your doctor’s advice is dangerous. When some medicines are stopped suddenly, a person can have withdrawal symptoms. You could also have long seizures, clusters of seizures or status epilepticus, even if you’ve never had these problems before.

Does Keppra lose effectiveness over time?

But research shows that, over time, the effectiveness of your anti-epilepsy drug may decline. Almost all first, second and third-generation epilepsy drugs lose their efficacy after prolonged treatment. Perhaps it’s because your metabolism builds up a tolerance to the drug. And ramping up the dosage can work.

Is there an alternative to Keppra?

Briviact is an analogue of Keppra and used with other seizure medications in the treatment of partial-onset seizures in patients 16 years of age and older with epilepsy.

What happens if you stop taking Keppra cold turkey?

Do not stop taking Keppra (levetiracetam injection) all of a sudden without calling your doctor. You may have a greater risk of seizures. If you need to stop this drug, you will want to slowly stop it as ordered by your doctor. A very bad reaction called angioedema has happened with Keppra (levetiracetam injection).

Do you have to wean off Keppra?

If you need to stop the drug, you should do so by reducing by 1 tablet each day until you are off the medicine. No blood monitoring is needed while on Levetiracetam.

Is there withdrawal from Keppra?

Withdrawal Seizures As with most antiepileptic drugs, Keppra should generally be withdrawn gradually because of the risk of increased seizure frequency and status epilepticus. If withdrawal is needed because of a serious adverse reaction, rapid discontinuation can be considered.

What are the long term side effects of Keppra?

Keppra Side Effects by Likelihood and SeverityDecreased Appetite.Dizziness.Drowsiness.Generalized Weakness.Headache.Increased Eosinophils In The Blood.Irritability.Low Energy.More items…

What is Keppra rage?

Levetiracetam-induced rage is a rare neurobehavioral adverse effect of levetiracetam that is characterized by seething rage, uncontrollable anger, fits of fury, depression, violence, and suicidal tendencies. It occurs more in patients with prior mood or psychotic disturbances. No such case has been reported in Nigeria.

What does Keppra do to your brain?

Precisely how Keppra works to prevent seizures is not fully understood, but it is thought to possibly “calm the brain” by preventing nerve cells from becoming hyperactive and to do so without affecting normal electrical impulses.

What should I avoid while taking levetiracetam?

What should I avoid while taking levetiracetam tablets? Do not drive, operate machinery or do other dangerous activities until you know how levetiracetam tablet affects you. Levetiracetam tablets may make you dizzy or sleepy.